Frequently Asked Questions

Happy to help

  • 1. Booking us

    To book, we require a 50% deposit payment via the website. We can't hold dates due to high demand, so it is always best to book in advance.

    Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email. Emily will then email over a booking form for you to fill out & the final payment is due 1 month before your event.

  • 2. Prices

    All prices can be found on our website. Please always take a look before enquiring.

  • 3. Song requests:

    We love adding to our repertoire list, so song requests are always welcome. If you request songs 2-3 weeks prior to your event, it is possible that we may not have the time to accommodate so please let us know your requests in good time.

  • 4. Duration:

    We are booked by duration, not playing time. So from our start to finish time.

    All our performers arrive 45 minutes - 1 hour before their start time to set up.

  • 5. PA System or Sound Engineer?

    When booking our sound engineer we provide you with another experienced member of our team who will arrive early and set up a professional PA system. They work with us to manage our performer’s sound to an exceptionally high level and they can also provide instrumental music during our breaks along with a handheld mic for speeches. when booking just a PA system, one of the players will bring it with them and manage it themselves on the day.

  • 6. Attire:

    All of our female performers wear long occasion dresses. Our male performers wear smart suits. If you want a specific attire request, please see our add on page for Asian Attire.

  • 7. What does amplified mean? Do I need it?

    Amplified vs Acoustic:

    Acoustic: The simplest way of explaining this, is the
    players just use their instruments.

    Amplified: The musicians will amplify their sound electronically using mics & a PA system.

    Do I need a PA system?

    If you are having an amplified package, the band will need a
    PA system to connect to. This can either be provided by us, you or the DJ.

    If you want amplified music away from the DJ's PA system,
    which is usually set up in the main hall, so for example, canapes outside, then you will need to hire a PA system which we can supply. See additional products.

    We would recommend amplification for the following:

    Marquee/Main Hall performance.

    If you are having 200+ guests.

    Outside performance.

  • 8. Can we provide packages not featured on our website?

    If you want an ensemble that isn’t featured on our website, please send us an enquiry anyway as we might be able to accommodate. For example, if you wanted flute, tabla & strings or tabla, violin & Harp, these are options that are all possible! We just haven’t managed to get footage yet!

  • 9. Main hall:

    For main hall performances we always recommend having a DJ or sound engineer present on the day to manage our sound. We want to give you the best experience possible, so therefore we recommend doing so.

  • 10. Song selections:

    We love to have your song lists in advance so we can practice the ones you want and give you the best performance possible.

  • 11. Package deals:

    If you want a variety of packages for your event/s or different performances throughout the day, we might be able to offer some kind of discount.

  • 12. Where are we based?

    Our performers are mainly based in West Midlands and London, but we travel all over the UK to perform and internationally.

  • 13. Refunds:

    If for any reason you want to cancel. We refund 75% of your payment when cancelling 12+ weeks prior to the booking.

  • 14. What music can we play?

    All our musicians are classically trained; therefore, we can technically perform any genre of music! Let us know what you want, and we can accommodate.

  • 15. Why are the duets prices more expensive than two soloists?

    Our duets must find time to practice together. This can mean booking a practice room or making the time to travel and get together to rehearse. Music for our duets has also been specially arranged.

  • 16. Can our musicians play outside, weather permitting?

    Yes! However, we would kindly request that you liaise with your venue about providing large umbrellas or shelter for us to set up in. String instruments can be extremely sensitive in the sun. Meaning our strings can go out of tune and it can be harmful for the performers and their instruments to be in direct sunlight for a performance. If it is also cold and your guests are walking around in jackets & coats, then our musicians will need to be set up inside.