The term "Promotor" shall be taken to refer to Emily Marina Music.  Bollywood Strings trades under Emily Marina Music run by Emily Marina Bogiatjis. The term “Client” shall be taken to refer to the individual or individuals who have entered into this contract with Emily Marina Music. If this Agreement applies to a group of performers, the term "Performer" shall be taken to refer to all members of the group jointly and severally. “Event” refers to thevenue or venues specified for the period of time specified in this contract.

    • 1.

      The Promotor agrees that the Performer will perform at the Event and the Client shall pay the agreed fees and expenses as showcased on our products page.

    • 2.

      The Performer is entitled to take a break after 45 minutes of performing for approximately 15 minutes. However, we try to work around the itinerary of your event with it comes to breaks.

    • 3.

      If the Event is running late, for whatever reasons, and the Client wishes the Performer to continue playing past the confirmed finish time, an additional fee of £50 (per Performer) for every half hour or part thereof, shall be payable by the Client to the Performer on the day performance.

    • 4.

      If the Performer is performing in the main hall, food should be provided either in a break or at the end of the Event.

    • 5.

      The Promotor will use all reasonable endeavours to guarantee a specific performer featured on our products page, the Client accepts that this may not be possible due to events or circumstances outside of the control of the Promoter.

    • 6.

      The Client shall ensure that the venue has adequate changing room facilities available for the Performer’s use.

    • 7.

      If the Client chooses to cancel the Event, for whatever reason, the Client shall immediately notify the Promotor of this in writing. The Client agrees that the following portion of the total fee will be refunded:

      a) Notice of less than six weeks – no refund will be given.

      b) Notice of more than six weeks but not more than 12 weeks, 50% of the total fee shall be refundable.

      c) Notice of more than 12 weeks – 75% of the total fee shall be refundable.

    • 8.

      If the Promotor must cancel the Performance due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control and cannot find replacement a Performer, the Client will receive a full refund of any fee paid to date.

    • 7.

      Please be very certain before making any changes to the original booking details. We will endeavour
      to comply with them but it is likely to create confusion among the players and you must be prepared for any problems that stem from this and absolutely no compensation will be given.

    • 8.

      If you are rude or disrespectful to any of our players, they have every right to leave immediately, and you may well be charged £500 in compensation.