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Bridgerton - Toastmaster

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Introducing Lord Anthony Bridgerton, the theatrical socialite & event Toastmaster. The entertainment you never knew you needed!

Experienced actor, Harry J. Bartlett will entertain your guests immensely playing the role of a more theatrical Anthony Bridgerton. By interacting with each & every one of your guests, adding a touch of humour and playing an excellent uplifting character, you won’t regret adding this exclusive package to your special day.

What's included?

  • Special announcements throughout the day. With a clink of a glass, Harry can whisk guests onto the next part of the event & keep everything running smoothly.
  • Mingling, getting the party started – doing what socialites do best!
  • Keeping everyone entertained!
  • Harry can provide a mic & connect to your DJ/PA system for larger weddings.